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The Perks of Owning a New Car

Sitting behind the wheel of a new Nissan in San Antonio is an exciting feeling that never gets old, especially when you’re the first to drive it off the lot. In fact, there’s nothing quite like the smell of a new car. But beyond that initial euphoria, owning a new vehicle has perks that a used car can’t beat. While a new car’s price tag may be higher, you’re paying for quality, peace of mind, and resale value down the road. And let’s not forget that a new car is just plain fun to drive.

We invite you to browse our online inventory of new Nissan models if you’re on the prowl for a new car, truck, or SUV. We have many vehicles to choose from, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have. We’ll even help you schedule a test drive, so you can experience that new car feeling for yourself. Ancira South Park Nissan is the best place to buy a new Nissan in San Antonio, Texas.

So, what are you waiting for? Your dream car won’t drive itself off the lot; it’s fully loaded and waiting for you to take it home.

Beyond the new car smell and the latest in creature comforts and technology, there are multiple reasons why buying a new car makes sense. Here are just a few:

  • Reliability: No car is perfect, but when you’re the first owner, you’re more likely to have trouble-free ownership. All new vehicles must pass a rigorous series of tests before being sold to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality and safety.
  • You Know Its History: You’re the first and only owner of a new car. You don’t have to wonder about its previous owner’s driving habits or whether it was maintained correctly. The vehicle has come directly from the factory to the dealership and to you. There are also no dents or scratches, the ride is smooth, and all the features are in excellent working order.
  • Full Warranty: When you purchase a new car, it usually comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. This means that if something goes wrong with the vehicle, you’re covered. Most new car warranties cover bumper-to-bumper repairs for a certain period or for a specific number of miles driven, whichever comes first. Nissans, for example, come with a 3-year/36,000-mile basic warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.
  • The Latest Tech Features: New cars come with the latest technology, from advanced safety features to infotainment systems. Automakers strive to outdo each other with the latest and greatest tech features, which means you’ll always be ahead of the curve when you buy a new car. From lane departure warning systems to hands-free calling and Bluetooth audio streaming, there’s a lot to love about the latest car tech.
  • Better Fuel Economy: Automakers constantly improve engine efficiency, so new cars typically have better fuel economy than used cars. Moreover, stricter emissions standards by the government have forced automakers to create more fuel-efficient vehicles. Electric cars are also becoming more popular as they offer an even more efficient option.
  • Customizable Options: You can customize a new car to your liking when you buy it. Whether you want a specific color, trim level, or package, most dealerships can order a vehicle that meets your exact needs. On the flip side, you may need to compromise on your ideal color or trim level if you’re buying a used car.
  • Higher Resale Value: New cars generally have a higher resale value than used cars. This is because a used car has depreciated while a new car has not. If you decide to sell your new car down the road, you’ll likely get more money than if it were a used car.

Why Ancira South Park Nissan Is the Best Place To Buy a New Nissan in San Antonio, Texas?

Still not convinced that buying a new car is the way to go? Here are a few more reasons why South Park Nissan should be your go-to dealership for all your new car needs:

  • Wide Selection of New Nissans: Most private sellers only have a few cars to sell at a time, so you’ll have limited options. At South Park Nissan, we have a wide selection of new Nissans for you to choose from. No matter what your budget is or what features you’re looking for, we have a car that will fit your needs.
  • Financing Options: Private sellers will likely not offer financing options, meaning you’ll need to pay for the car in full upfront. However, this may not be possible for everyone. At South Park Nissan, we offer financing options to make buying a new car more affordable. Depending on your financial situation, we work with different lenders to get you the best financing terms possible.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Buying a car is a big decision, which is why we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and here to answer any questions you may have. We’ll take the time to listen to your needs and match you with the perfect car.
  • No Pressure Sales Environment: We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we won’t pressure you into buying a car you’re not ready for. We’ll always be available to answer any questions, and once you’re prepared to take the next step, we’ll be happy to help you through the process.
  • Post-Sale Service: Our relationship with you doesn’t end once you drive off the lot. We’re here for you long after you buy a car from us. Whether you need a simple oil change or major repairs, our service department is here to help. We only use genuine Nissan parts, and our factory-trained technicians are experts in their field.

We hope by now you’re convinced that South Park Nissan is the best place to buy a new car. We offer a wide selection of new and used cars for sale, financing options, and routine maintenance and repairs. We’re here for you every step of the way, from finding the perfect car to keeping it running like new.

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